Regular readers of these pages may recall that last year we shared information about a research collaboration between OER Hub and FiBS and put out a global call to share information about educational delivery for a comparative study.  We shared interim results from the project back in October, but I’m pleased to announce that the final report has now been published by ICDE.

Models for online, open, flexible and technology enhanced higher education across the globe – a comparative analysis

The report explains the various models used in the analysis and describes variances in educational delivery across a wide range of contexts. This includes technologies used; strategic priorities; pedagogies; content creation and delivery; business models; and accreditation.  Distinctive combinations of approach are identified and a typology proposed with implications for higher education institutions, policymakers and researchers outlined in the conclusion.

You can also access the report at  This sub-site contains a browsable PDF copy of the report but is augmented with an interactive database of the project results and case sheets for the individual institutions that participated in the study.

Our massive thanks go out to all those who took the time to share data and contribute to the study.  We hope that the results are of interest and welcome feedback.