In addition to our academic publications, OER Hub has produced a range of reports on OER impact for general audiences.

Here is our report on open textbooks in the UK (2019).

Here is our data report for 2013-2015.

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Here is our evidence report for 2014:
OER Evidence Report 2013-2014

Please note that on p26, Table 7 “Factors affecting OER Selection” the label “Librarians” should read “Informal Learners.”

Reports and working papers from OER Research Hub (2012-2015):

OERRH Quality Plan

OERRH Ethics Manual

OER Impact Map Development Plan

OERRH Research Framework

OERRH Dissemination Framework

OERRH Evaluation Framework

Jhangiani, R., Pitt, R., Hendricks, C., Key, J., & Lalonde, C. (2016). Exploring the Use of Open Educational Resources at British Columbia Post-Secondary Institutions. BC Open Textbook Fellows / OER Hub.






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