The Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) is conducting a global survey of OER ahead of the 2nd World OER Congress.  The survey will form part of a study that will be used to inform future strategies, so it’s a good idea to take part.

The expected outcomes of this study are to:

●  identify the current status of implementation of the recommendations made at the World OER Congress (2012) among key stakeholders (namely, governments, policy makers, the OER community and the wider education community);

●  initiate discussions amongst the key stakeholders regarding the strategies to deal with the identified challenges to mainstreaming OER;

●  build awareness among key stakeholders about the objectives of the 2nd World OER Congress;

●  develop strategies that will support stakeholders to move from commitment to action.

You can find out more and take the survey at

If you’re feeling in a mood to contribute to a survey, please also consider sharing some thoughts on our open research consultation at