OERRH Team and Fellows in deep thoughts at our Sprint-planning meeting

OERRH Team and Fellows in deep thought at our September Sprint-planning meeting

We at the OER Research Hub said ‘goodbye’ to our first fellow Una Daly in August. While here, Una participated in various activities around our campus, and also managed to liven up the campus debate around OER and Accessibility. It has been a delight to meet and work with Una and we look forward to our continued collaboration with CCCOER. Check our group photo with Una here.

On Monday, we welcomed another four fellows (three from the United States and one from Scotland): Daniel Williamson; Kari Arfstrom and Thanh Le, and our project’s evaluation fellow/consultant, Sheila MacNeil. The four started on a very hectic, but fun, note as they dived in and participated in our week-long team Sprint – an approach our team has been experimenting with using the premise of agile programming and adapting it to a research project (see Patrick’s blog about our first research sprint, for details). The focus of this September sprint was around the evaluation of the Hub’s dissemination channels, and the fellows provided valuable feedback that will go on to inform e.g our website layout and engagement with various project stakeholders. Apart from the Sprint, fellows have been visiting schools and colleges in Milton Keynes to get a sense of the status of OER in the UK; and have been meeting with various OU departments bearing similarities to their own OER project.

We look forward to Open fellows’ (Sara Frank-Bristow and Jane Park) visit in October.