It’s come round quick but next week is the FINAL facilitated week of this year’s Open Research course on P2PU. We’ve had a blast meeting you all and reading your comments, suggestions and experiences so far. Thank you!

To celebrate the end of this year’s course, we’re hosting a special all-star panel session with some great speakers who’ll be discussing the advantages and challenges of researching in the open. The Hangout is open to all so come join us!

When? Thursday 8 October 2015 at 13.00 BST

Where? Google Hangouts. To participate head over here. To watch please use this link to join the call. If you can’t view or participate on the day, you can still add your thoughts and questions to the Hackpad for this week of the course or tweet them on #openresearch. We’ll also be making the recording available post-event on our YouTube channel.

Who? We have not one, not two (or even three!) but FOUR super speakers. Here’s a run down of the line-up:

Tess Cartmill (@TessCartmill) is project manager for the open research ROER4D project, which focuses on the impact of open educational resources (OER) in the Global South. Tess completed an MPhil (ICTs in Education) with a focus on OER in 2013. She has extensive experience of working in Information Systems and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams (@CherylHW) is Associate Professor at the Centre for Innovation in Learning Teaching (CILT) at the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa and Principle Investigator of the ROER4D project. Cheryl has published, taught and researched extensively in ICT, online learning and OER.

Katy Jordan (@katy_jordan) is a researcher and PhD student at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University (UK). Specialising in online academic network analysis, Katy also researches the impact of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Bonnie Stewart (@bonstewart) describes herself as “educator, researcher, social media fortune teller – part LEGO, all cyborg.” Based at University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) Bonnie has extensively researched, written and lectured about online identities, digital scholarship and MOOCs and regularly blogs on the theoryblog.

Photo credits and sources: Cheryl (CC-BY 4.0 OER Research Hub), Bonnie (Photo credit: Kate Inglis), Katy and Tess.