The latest issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JiME) is now out!  Guest-edited by myself and the lovely Bea de los Arcos, the issue brings together outstanding papers from last year’s OER15 conference in Cardiff, Wales.

The OER15 conference marked the first one under the remit of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), and demonstrated a growing international audience for what was initially the UK OER community conference.

In this issue Open Educational Practices in Scotland are the focus of an article by Pete Cannell, Ronald Macintyre and Anna Page, while Leigh-Anne Perryman and Tim Seal look at open practice and attitudes towards openness in India. Richard Heinen and fellow authors provide a more technical article, giving an overview of the infrastructure required for an open ecosystem. Simon Cotterill and collaborators give a more practical example, detailing the Co-Curate project’s work with schools. This mixture of open practice, technical focus and specific projects reflects the maturity and range of the OER conference as it has developed over the years from being focused on very UK specific, project based presentations to a more international, critically reflective event.

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