The OER World Map project aims at collecting and visualizing data about actors, services, projects and events related to OER in order to support the efforts of the OER community to organize and understand itself.  OER World Map functionality continues to develop in exciting ways.  The user interface has been overhauled and allows new ways to browse and navigate the ever-growing database of OER activity around the world. version 1.1 of the OER World Map! It introduces a new three column layout including a refined filter section, which allows you to search and find OER actors and activities more comfortably.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.22.32

The statistics module of OER World Map is now operational, meaning some new data visualizations are now possible.  For example, we can display the OER services recorded by topic; categorise services according to language; and review global statistics for the site by country.

In the long run we will continue to develop these statistics and make them more sophisticated.

Another important new functionality is that users can now directly register on the platform and create their own profile.  This means that OER World Map will function as a stripped-down social network, making it easier to find and connect with relevant actors.  Editing rights can be extended more readily, which means that the network of ‘country champions’ is still growing, although some areas – notably African countries, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia – remain in need of representation.  You can read more about becoming a ‘country champion’ here.

If you’d like to represent your country on the map, get in touch with the project team.  You can also contribute the following types of data:

  • Add yourself to the project and create a profile
  • Contribute stories about OER activities and impact
  • Provide information about OER services (repositories, referatories, MOOC providers, translators, consultants, etc.)
  • Share information about events (conferences, workshops, festivals, seminars, etc.)
  • Add details about your project/organisation

The continued success of OER World Map is very much dependent on the engagement of the community it is designed to support.  So hope to see you there…