At the beginning of August I blogged about the return of our award winning open research course on P2PU’s School of Open this Fall. Well, I’m excited to announce that the course is now live and will run from Monday 14 September – Sunday 11 October 2015. Sign-up is now open so head on over to P2PU and put your name down to participate!

We’re looking forward to having you along for the ride whether you are a seasoned researcher, dipping your toe in the water or just interested in finding out more about open research. Come and share your experiences and thoughts!

So, what’s new…?

For those of you who are super observant, you might recall that we promised some tweaks and surprises in this iteration. The main changes to the course have been as a response to previous participant feedback and our own experiences of facilitating the course. Changes include:

  • Streamlining the forum set-up to help ensure the discussion happens all in one place;
  • Adding in subtitles and transcriptions to all the videos we created for the course;
  • Reviewing and updating each week of the course: lots of great new resources have appeared in the past year and we wanted to include a range of these. If you think we’ve missed something, we welcome suggestions so let us know on the relevant page;
  • Carrying on the tradition of having our Thursday hangouts but, to end the course this time round, we’ll be having a special all-star panel to talk all things open research. Look out for a forthcoming announcement on who will be participating shortly!

Finally, as part of looking to improve the course this time round we looked at all the amazing contributions from our participants last year. Just as in 2014, we are aiming to reuse 2015 participant contributions in a future iteration of the course. So when will this community version debut? Well, our current plan is to run a further facilitated iteration of Open Research in 2016 before reviewing all the material, feedback and our own experiences to reversion the course as a stand-alone. Watch this space for more on how this takes shape over the coming months…

Want to be part of this? Well, you know where to go… head on over to P2PU and sign-up now.


Course Logo: CC-BY 4.0 International OER Research Hub. 

Featured Image: “SOO [School of Open] logo here. Earth icon licensed CC BY by Erin Standley from the Noun Project.” via School of Open Africa to launch in September.