Last year we received an amazing response to the launch of our first open course Open Research on P2PU’s School of Open. 139 of you, from at least 29 different countries across six continents, signed up to participate in the first iteration of our four-week course. Well, we’re excited to announce that we’re doing it all again… but this time with some tweaks and surprises!

So what was it like first time around? Here’s some of the feedback from our post-course survey respondents:

“Dissemination helped a lot by pointing me towards licenses and explaining the green vs gold vs other colour access levels — that sort of thing is mentioned a lot but never explained, so it was useful to get those definitions. The ethics conversation made me think about the implications of guerilla research, and reminded me what research ethics conversations are like. It’s been a long time since I’ve had “academic” conversations about ethics or philosophy, so it was fascinating to get back into it.”

“It boosted confidence as I was able to participate equally with professional researchers and educators. It has given me many useful models of practice to adopt.”

“it was very professionally delivered and was a worthwhile experience.”

“It has changed my perception towards open research and I understand particularly the benefits and demerits of open dissemination of research findings.”

Sign up begins, and the new version of the course will be available for review, toward the end of August. We’ll be running the course again for four weeks from Monday 14 September – Sunday 11 October 2015. So mark the date and keep your eyes peeled for further announcements and more on what’s new in this version of the course…We’re looking forward to having you on board, whether you are a seasoned researcher or just interested in finding out more about open research!