Initial participant thoughts about Twitter

Initial participant thoughts about Twitter

On 26 October 2016, as part of Open Access week, we held the first of our face-to-face workshops at The Open University (UK) … Twitter 101!

As the name implies, the workshop was aimed at people who are new to microblogging with Twitter. We kicked off by looking at some Twitter basics and explored what Twitter is. Later on we took a closer look at what kind of impact and benefits Twitter could bring, building your network and some challenges/risks. Central to the workshop was dedicated hands-on time where we worked one-on-one with participants to enable people to set up an account, find interesting users and hashtags and of course, post that first tweet!

It was great to meet colleagues with a diverse range of roles, from across the University. Of the 18 or so participants there was a roughly even split between people who had never used Twitter and those who had set up an account but not really used it or who were unsure as to what to do next. We incorporated lots of examples from our own practice and that of others to show the potential impact using Twitter could have and share best practice.

Our next workshop will focus on Open Research and be based around our newly published open textbook. This workshop will take place during Open Education week next March… watch this space!