The Open Education Working Group will be participating in an Open Knowledge Community session entitled Presenting the Open Education Handbook. The session will take place online on Thursday Dec 11, 2014 – 10.00-11.00AM UTC, with a link to be shared nearer the time.

The Open Education Handbook is a collaboratively written living web document targeting educational practitioners and the education community at large.

The session will be an opportunity to hear about the history of handbook, the current status of handbook and be involved in a discussion about the next steps for the handbook. It will be facilitated by Christian Villum (Open Knowledge) with presentations from Marieke Guy (Open Knowledge and Open Education Working Group co-ordinator) and Rob Farrow (Open University, OER Research Hub).


The Working Group Call etherpad will be used for notes before and during the session.

Please note that this is not an OERRH session but likely to be of interest to our readers… yours truly will be taking part as editor of the latest draft.

We hope to see you there!

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