Open licenses: Play a game and learn how they work

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Coming Soon… Open Textbook Research Week

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Some of you may have participated in the recent open textbook webinar (The Impact of Open Textbooks in the USA and South [...]

Mapeamento: impacto de REA

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Impressions from OCWC and OER14 conferences: speaking policy to practicioners

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Alek Tarkowski of Creative Commons Poland shares his thoughts on the status of OER policy following a busy conference season. Impressions [...]

Reviewing OCWC from the ROER4D perspective – ROER4D

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Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, Principal Investigator of the ROE4D Project reports from the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC) Conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 23-25 [...]

Whadya mean "openness has won"?

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(Reblogged from ) <Image E Livermore > In my Battle for Open book (and article) I make the claim that [...]

Welsh Government Report on Open and Online

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Researching open collaboration in the world's smallest states

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ATR 42 (YJ-AV42), Port Vila, Vanuatu. Photo credit: PhillipC on Flickr CC-BY Did you know that 2014 is the United Nations International [...]

Removing 'unfreedoms' through OER: TESS-India research update

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Trainee teachers performing morning prayers. Photo credit: Leigh-Anne Perryman CC-BY-SA Alan Tait’s Asa Briggs lecture at the 7th Pan-Commonwealth Forum [...]

Reblog: OER benefits for enrolled students

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Therese Bird provides a summary of some of the benefits that have been reported for using OER with students. The [...]